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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Tool To Manage Your Digital Afterlife "Inactive Account Manager"

Did you ever think what would happen to all your files,folder,photos and other digital stuff after you die.What would happen  to your Gmail account, Google Drive documents, Picasa photos, and the other data you have stored with Google ? No right,But there is someone thinking about it and who else would it be except Google.

Google today launched a tool known as "Inactive Account Manager".Google on their blog said "Not a great name, we know — and you’ll find it on your Google Account settings page. You can tell us what to do with your Gmail messages and data from several other Google services if your account becomes inactive for any reason."

An "Inactive Account Manager" can be used to direct Google to pass on data from online venues such as Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, or social network Google+ to particular people, or be deleted after being dormant for too long.

If you are facing problem on howto do it or setup your Inactive account manager CNET has explained it quite well on their website,Please have a look at it if you need help.

I think soon Facebook,Twitter and other social websites will take this thing seriously and plan an Afterlife of Digital media.

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