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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips To Get Followers On Instagram

'Just Instagram It' - We often hear this term now-a-days. Instagram is yet another social networking platform where user share their memories & moments in form of pictures. One can easily edit any image via defined filter and make it look more vibrant and attractive.

 Now, Instagram is smilar to twitter. You want people to follow you. So, here we are giving you some tips as to how one can get followers on instagram.

1. Never ever hesitate to follow any user. If someone likes your photo, Do follow him.
2. Always use hash tags while sharing pictures. It allows various random users to view your pictures and like them. 
3. Like random pictures on popular hash tags like #instagood #instaclick #instafood. 
4. Always use #followme and #follow4followback tags while sharing your pictures and when users start following you, do follow back.
5. Search #follow4followback tag on 'search by tag' and start following those users because most of them will start following you back.

I am not much of an instagram freak but when I followed these few steps, I easily got around 30-40 followers in just one night.

Happy Instagraming!!

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