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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV : Confirmed Features

Samsung Galaxy S IV Event is just around the corner and we all are really excited to see what Samsung has to offer this time. Meanwhile, Android Advices recently uploaded some of the confirmed features of Samsung Galaxy S IV which are quiet a catch.

       Two Camera’s work (Front and Rear) simultaneously for 360 capture. 

       Smart Scroll

       Qualcomm Processor

       Air View Touch

       Updated Gallery with new features for Grouping of Photos

Among all, odd one is the use of Qulacomm Processor in Galaxy S IV. Other than that, the 360 deg capture looks really eye-catching. What it does is it uses both the front and the back camera and takes an 360 deg image. (wow!)

The Gallery in the Samung Galaxy S IV will also be upadted with new UI and features which involoves a new method for grouping of pictures.

Smart Scroll is something which we have no idea about but its surely related to sensor which might capture your head movement and accordingly scroll the page.(Just a guess!)

Rumors are also that Samsung Galaxy S IV may feature a 'flexible display' and might be available in variety of colors rather than just two.

All our doubts will be cleared on 14th March and as usual Stay Tuned to Hackinthus as we will be covering the Entire Event.

(via - Android Advices)

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