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Friday, March 22, 2013

How To Install Instagram Unofficially On Blackberry Z10 [Video]

Blackberry has become a recognized Smartphone these days. However not all notable Apps are yet available in recent Blackberry 10 OS but still people owning such smartphone crave of somehow getting those apps. Either officially or perhaps unofficially.

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 Good news for the Blackberry Z10 users who are in love with famous photo sharing & editing app Instagram can now install and run safely a stable version of Instagram on their Blackberry Z10.

The official Instagram is not yet available on the Blackberry App world yet but there are some easy techniques to install it on your Blackberry Z10 as it's confirmed working stable on that Smartphone.

However, it's not too straight & simple as that in android phones just requiring an .apk file and installing on your device, but the blackberry installing procedure is somehow little different.

First of all you will require the Bar file, download here.
Then you need DDPB which allows installing from external source to your device download here.
Your computer should have Java Runtime installed before continuing the process.

Follow the video below to gather complete process of installation.

The above video is just a glimpse of Instagram running on Blackberry Z10 thanks to saadi703.

Another video which was made for installing Whatsapp below is the actual process however do not forget the bar file you will use is the one above mentioned, it's just a process which is similar to that of Whatsapp installation steps.

The app works great on Blackberry Z 10 and the installation steps is only tested for that device only. So if you are trying to get it on any other Blackberry handset with the above procedure then you may likely find yourself in some trouble.

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Video Credits: Saadi703


any new bar files? this is outdated. cant even sign in :(

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