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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Leaked Images of "Low Cost iPhone" surfaces online

We are always looking for things cheaper and affordable,especially in India.As WWDC is coming closer new leaks are always being surfaced online.We had already reported about this long time before and what benefits or loss that company can suffer on my previous post .

Apple's rumored less-expensive smartphone would look much like iPhone 5, but would be built from more affordable polycarbonate plastic instead of the slick anodized aluminum of the iPhone 5. It would also likely sport the aging guts of an iPhone 4S, much like the iPad mini uses spare parts from the iPad 2.

Two users of Chinese blogging website Weibo have posted images that are said to be of the alleged cheaper iPhone.It will also be available in different colors like navy, gold orange, white, pink and green and would cost around $300-400.

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